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I train you through World Class Science & Data based coaching methodology!
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Get Ironman best practices for Race and Training Nutrition Plans!
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Join a Fast Growing Community of Endurance Athletes! Train together, Race together, Travel Together, Conquer Together!
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TRIFANTRY - League of Ultra Fit

Trifantry is a coaching platform for all things Ironman, Marathons & ultra-fitness. It aims to coach amateur athletes in Running, Cycling, Swimming, Strength & Conditioning through personalized Data-Driven & Science-based training programs.

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Goal Setting and Race Selection
Video Form Analysis
Periodical Fitness Tests
Progressive Workouts
Weekly Virtual Group Workouts
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Video & Expert Material Available Online
Full Access To Ultra Fitness Community


Data driven approach with 67 Data points

On-Demand - Train from anywhere in the world

Sports Nutrition Training

Latest World Class Coaching Methodology