Who are we

We are on a mission to make people Millions Ultrafit through  Running & Triathlons. Endurance sports such as Running are the most natural forms of fitness practiced by human beings from the 1000’s of years but forgotten in our times due to a sedentary lifestyle! At Trifantry, we are solving this problem by science-based coaching & building communities. Trifantry is born out of 15years of experience,  science learning by doing & real-life application,  we are bringing back the joy of running!
Our athletes are preparing for IRONMAN to Ultramarathons to Marathons & 10K runs.

Trifantry Tribe

Our Founder, Coach Nishant Bhardwaj has touched the lives of over 20,000 through Running! Our tribe is growing a list of scientifically trained athletes, who are out there training to become the best version of themselves!

Why Train with Trifantry

  • With Athlete-First Approach, we coach from the very basics of biomechanics to the science of running, cycling and swimming.
  • The Coaching methodology is location agonist, so you train anytime, anywhere in the world.
  • With Trifantry, your fitness becomes a No-Brainer, where every aspect of your training including Form, Fitness, Fatigue, Training Plans, Training Nutrition, Recovery, Progress will be measured weekly, altered in Real-time, delivered to you under the coaches direct guidance!
  • You will see changes in your physiology within a few weeks, putting you on a path of lifelong fitness!

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